Spooky Surprises to Send to Your Girlfriend That Will Give Her Chills

Spooky Surprises to Send to Your Girlfriend That Will Give Her Chills

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Are you ready to surprise your girlfriend with something truly spine-chilling? 👻 In this post, we’ll explore some of the most unholy things you can send to your girlfriend that will give her goosebumps. Whether you’re aiming for a spooky surprise or planning an eerie evening together, these ideas are guaranteed to create unforgettable memories.

1. Creepy Handmade Dolls 🧸

Handmade dolls can be incredibly eerie, especially when they have a story behind them. Craft or buy a doll with a slightly unsettling appearance and send it to your girlfriend. Include a note explaining the doll’s creepy history or a ghostly legend associated with it. The handmade touch adds a personal and unsettling feel to the gift, making it all the more spooky.

Imagine her opening a box to find a vintage doll with cracked porcelain skin, staring back at her with lifeless eyes. It’s the kind of present that will linger in her mind long after she’s put it away.

Why Handmade Dolls? 🎎

Handmade dolls carry an aura of the unknown. Unlike mass-produced items, these dolls often have unique features that make them stand out. Their imperfections and aged appearance can evoke a sense of history and mystery, perfect for sending shivers down someone’s spine.

Crafting the Perfect Creepy Doll

To make your own creepy doll, start with a plain doll and modify it to appear older and more worn. Paint cracks on its face, add dark circles around its eyes, and dress it in vintage clothing. If you’re not the crafty type, there are many online stores where you can purchase dolls specifically designed to be creepy.

Important Note: Always ensure your girlfriend is comfortable with spooky surprises. Some people may find certain items genuinely disturbing or offensive.

2. Haunted Jewelry 💍

Jewelry with a ghostly backstory can be both beautiful and eerie. Look for pieces that are said to be haunted or come with a mysterious legend. Sending haunted jewelry can be a way to share a piece of history while adding a supernatural twist.

Imagine gifting your girlfriend a vintage locket that supposedly belonged to a woman who vanished mysteriously. The idea of wearing something with such a chilling backstory can be both thrilling and unnerving.

The Allure of Haunted Jewelry

Haunted jewelry carries stories of past owners and mysterious events. These pieces often come with legends that make them intriguing and unsettling. The combination of beauty and mystery makes haunted jewelry a perfect spooky gift.

Where to Find Haunted Jewelry

You can find haunted jewelry at antique shops, estate sales, and online marketplaces. Look for pieces with a documented history or those that have been featured in paranormal investigations. Some jewelers also create replicas of famous haunted pieces for those who want the aesthetic without the actual hauntings.

3. Paranormal Books 📚

Books about the paranormal are a great way to send chills down your girlfriend’s spine. Choose from ghost stories, accounts of real-life hauntings, or guides to the supernatural. These books can provide hours of eerie entertainment and fuel her imagination.

Imagine her reading about a haunted house late at night, the shadows in her room growing longer with each turn of the page. The suspense and fear build, making her heart race with every chapter.

Why Paranormal Books?

Paranormal books are immersive and can transport the reader into a world of ghosts and ghouls. They are perfect for anyone who loves a good scare and enjoys exploring the unknown. The written word has a unique ability to create vivid, terrifying images in the reader’s mind.

Top Paranormal Books to Consider

Here’s a table of some highly recommended paranormal books that can make excellent spooky gifts:

Book TitleAuthorDescription
“The Haunting of Hill House”Shirley JacksonA chilling tale of a haunted mansion and its effects on visitors.
“Ghost Stories of an Antiquary”M.R. JamesClassic ghost stories that have stood the test of time.
“The Amityville Horror”Jay AnsonA true story of a family’s terrifying experiences in their new home.
“House of Leaves”Mark Z. DanielewskiA labyrinthine novel about a house that is bigger on the inside.
“The Shining”Stephen KingA story of a haunted hotel and a man’s descent into madness.

4. Mysterious Artifacts 🏺

Sending a mysterious artifact can be an exciting and spooky gift. Look for items with a strange history or an air of mystery, such as antique keys, old maps, or peculiar sculptures. These artifacts can spark curiosity and unease, making them perfect for a spooky surprise.

Imagine your girlfriend receiving an ancient-looking key with a note suggesting it unlocks a secret door somewhere. The possibilities and mysteries surrounding such an item can be both exciting and terrifying.

The Charm of Mysterious Artifacts

Artifacts with unknown origins or stories attached to them can be incredibly intriguing. They offer a physical connection to the past and a tangible piece of a mystery. The more unusual the artifact, the more it will spark the imagination.

Finding the Perfect Artifact

You can find mysterious artifacts at flea markets, antique shops, and online. Look for items that have an unusual appearance or come with a story. Old maps, ancient coins, and peculiar sculptures are all great choices.

5. Cursed Objects 🕰️

Cursed objects are a staple of horror stories and paranormal lore. Sending a cursed object can be a bold move, adding an element of danger and suspense to your gift. Items such as cursed paintings, mirrors, or even furniture can make for a truly spine-chilling present.

Imagine your girlfriend receiving an old mirror said to trap the souls of those who gaze into it for too long. The thought of having such an object in her home can be deeply unsettling.

The Dark Allure of Cursed Objects

Cursed objects come with a sense of danger and the unknown. They are believed to bring bad luck or supernatural occurrences to those who possess them. The thrill of owning something with such a dark history can be both exciting and terrifying.

Types of Cursed Objects

Here’s a table listing some common types of cursed objects and their reputed effects:

Object TypeReputed Effect
MirrorTraps souls, causes bad luck.
PaintingBrings misfortune, drives owners mad.
JewelryBrings bad luck, health issues to the wearer.
FurnitureCauses disturbances, strange noises, and poltergeist activity.
DollsMoves on its own, brings nightmares to owners.

Important Note: Be cautious when dealing with cursed objects. Even if you don’t believe in curses, the psychological impact can be significant.

6. Personalized Horror Story 📖

One of the most unique and personal spooky gifts you can send is a personalized horror story. Write a story featuring your girlfriend as the protagonist, facing supernatural events or ghostly encounters. This personalized touch makes the story more engaging and chilling.

Imagine her reading a story where she recognizes herself in the main character, experiencing eerie events that unfold in familiar places. The personal connection makes the horror feel real and immediate.

Crafting a Personalized Horror Story

To create a personalized horror story, think about your girlfriend’s fears and interests. Incorporate elements from her life to make the story more relatable. Use familiar settings and characters to blur the line between fiction and reality.

Tips for Writing

  • Start with a Strong Hook: Begin with a suspenseful scene to grab her attention.
  • Build Tension: Gradually increase the tension and suspense, leading to a climactic moment.
  • Use Descriptive Language: Create vivid images and a creepy atmosphere with your descriptions.
  • End with a Twist: Leave her with a chilling twist that lingers in her mind.

7. Ghost Hunting Equipment 🕵️‍♂️

For the adventurous and brave, sending ghost hunting equipment can be an exciting and spooky gift. Equip her with tools to explore the supernatural, such as EMF detectors, spirit boxes, and infrared cameras. This gift is perfect for a girlfriend who loves hands-on experiences and the thrill of the unknown.

Imagine the two of you embarking on a ghost hunt, exploring haunted locations and capturing evidence of the paranormal. It’s an exhilarating way to bond and create spooky memories together.

Essential Ghost Hunting Tools

Here’s a list of essential ghost hunting tools:

  • EMF Detector: Measures electromagnetic fields, often used to detect ghostly presences.
  • Spirit Box: A device that scans radio frequencies, believed to facilitate communication with spirits.
  • Infrared Camera: Captures images in low light, often revealing paranormal activity not seen by the naked eye.
  • Digital Recorder: Used to capture EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), which are believed to be the voices of spirits.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera: Detects heat signatures, useful for spotting unexplained cold spots or figures.

8. Supernatural Subscription Box 📦

If you want to keep the spooky surprises coming, consider sending a supernatural subscription box. These boxes are filled with eerie items, such as haunted artifacts, paranormal books, and spooky decor. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, with new surprises arriving every month.

Imagine your girlfriend eagerly awaiting her monthly box, wondering what spine-chilling items it will contain. Each delivery adds a new layer of mystery and excitement to her life.

Popular Supernatural Subscription Boxes

Several companies offer supernatural subscription boxes filled with curated spooky items. Here are some popular options:

  • Haunted Box: Features haunted artifacts, ghost stories, and paranormal investigation tools.
  • Paranormal Crate: Includes items related to famous hauntings, cryptids, and supernatural lore.
  • Spooky Box Club: Offers a mix of spooky decor, accessories, and paranormal-themed items.

Benefits of Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a great way to keep the excitement and suspense alive. They offer a curated selection of items that fit the theme, making it easy to surprise your girlfriend with something new and spooky each month. Plus, they often include exclusive items you can’t find anywhere else.

9. Virtual Ghost Tours 🌐

In the digital age, you can explore haunted locations without leaving home. Virtual ghost tours offer a way to experience spooky places together, no matter where you are. Send your girlfriend a ticket to a virtual ghost tour, and enjoy the thrill of exploring haunted sites from the comfort of your home.

Imagine both of you sitting in the dark, headphones on, as a guide takes you through a haunted castle or an abandoned asylum. The immersive experience can be both eerie and exciting.

How Virtual Ghost Tours Work

Virtual ghost tours are conducted online, often through video platforms. A guide takes you through the history and legends of haunted locations, sometimes incorporating live footage and paranormal investigation tools. These tours can be interactive, allowing participants to ask questions and engage with the guide.

Popular Virtual Ghost Tours

Here are some popular virtual ghost tours to consider:

  • Ghosts of the White House: Explore the haunted history of America’s most famous residence.
  • Haunted London: Visit some of London’s most notorious haunted sites and hear their chilling stories.
  • Eastern State Penitentiary: Take a virtual tour of this infamous prison, known for its paranormal activity.

10. Spooky Movie Night Bundle 🎥

A spooky movie night bundle can be a fantastic way to create a memorable evening. Send your girlfriend a package with classic horror films, popcorn, cozy blankets, and spooky decor. Set the stage for a night of scares and snuggles.

Imagine the two of you cuddling up on the couch, lights dimmed, as you watch horror films that send chills down your spines. It’s the perfect way to combine fear and fun.

Must-Watch Horror Films

Here’s a list of classic horror films to include in your spooky movie night bundle:

  • “The Exorcist”: A terrifying tale of demonic possession.
  • “Halloween”: The classic slasher film that started it all.
  • “A Nightmare on Elm Street”: A chilling story of a killer who attacks in dreams.
  • “The Conjuring”: Based on the real-life cases of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.
  • “The Ring”: A modern classic about a cursed videotape.

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

To enhance the spooky movie night experience, include some creepy decor such as fake cobwebs, LED candles, and Halloween-themed snacks. A cozy blanket and some popcorn will make the evening complete, providing comfort amidst the scares.

11. Eerie Audio Recordings 🎙️

Sending eerie audio recordings can be a unique and unsettling gift. Create or find recordings of ghostly whispers, strange noises, or paranormal investigations. These audio clips can be played in the dark, creating an eerie atmosphere that will make your girlfriend’s skin crawl.

Imagine her listening to recordings of unexplained noises or ghostly voices, feeling the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. It’s a simple yet effective way to create a spooky experience.

How to Create Eerie Recordings

If you’re tech-savvy, you can create your own eerie audio recordings. Use sound effects and ambient noise to craft a truly chilling experience. Alternatively, you can find recordings online, such as EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) captures from real paranormal investigations.

Using Eerie Audio Effectively

Play the recordings in a dark room, using headphones for an immersive experience. Combine the audio with a spooky story or legend to enhance the effect. This can be a great way to set the mood for a spooky evening or to surprise your girlfriend with a sudden chill.

12. Haunted House Experience 🏚️

For the ultimate spooky gift, arrange a visit to a real haunted house. Many historic sites and old buildings offer haunted tours, allowing visitors to experience their eerie atmosphere and hear the ghostly tales associated with them.

Imagine walking through darkened halls, feeling the weight of history and the presence of spirits around you. It’s an unforgettable experience that will leave you both with lasting memories.

Finding a Haunted House

Look for historic sites and buildings with a reputation for being haunted. Many places offer guided tours, especially around Halloween. Some locations even offer overnight stays for those brave enough to spend the night in a haunted house.

Preparing for the Visit

When planning a haunted house visit, make sure to check the tour details and any requirements. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a flashlight. Be prepared for a spine-tingling adventure that will test your bravery and bond you closer together.


Sending your girlfriend unholy things can be a thrilling way to add excitement and suspense to your relationship. Whether it’s creepy handmade dolls, haunted jewelry, or a haunted house experience, these spooky surprises are sure to create unforgettable memories. Remember to consider her comfort level with spooky gifts and always prioritize her feelings. Happy haunting! 👻

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